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When I hear ladies say that money is boring and that they wish that they can meet a rich man/lady to help them save, it drives me nuts. Case in point: A few years ago a friend of mine was in a tight  financial spot: she had broken up with her boyfriend, he asked her to move out of his condo and she had nowhere to go -  and only $65 in her bank account.

She called me at 2am on a Saturday morning crying. She came over to my condo and we spoke about how she was going to get out of this financial hole.  When I asked why she had so little savings, she said that she was not 'good with money' and she found budgeting and saving to be 'boring'.

This shocked me but it also was a watershed moment - I thought to myself how can I make this topic easier for people to grasp and to be excited about.

This is how Bacon & Heels took shape.Over the years, I have read many books about finances and developed a plan to save, spend and share.

Trust me, I've made my share of money mistakes, but the one thing I want to do with this blog is to share information about what I've learned and get to the bottom of money issues. We all can learn the basics about finances, but I wanted this site to delve down a lot more into the why and how we spend so that we can get a better handle on our finances and unleash your inner financial boss!

Beverly Wilks
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Bacon & Heels Testimonial
I started feeling pretty bad about my finances, thanks for sharing some easy to understand insight about money.
— Annabelle Z. from Toronto